7 Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

7 Tips for Surviving the Silly Season


The festive season is finally here, and as the year comes to a close, we’re all in the mood to celebrate. With Mariah on loop, this time of year is when we’re more likely to indulge at the many festive events, have one too many bubbles, or finish off that entire box of scorched almonds that was set aside for Christmas day. It's all part of the holiday spirit, and you’re certainly not alone in doing so. This time of year can also mean that our digestive system and gut health can take a big hit. If you’re dreading the old Christmas bloat, read on for our healthy hacks to help you feel your best through the silly season.


  1. Chew your food well. Now we know what you are thinking, but digestion starts in the mouth – our teeth are there for a reason! Chewing food well before swallowing helps to break down your food and relieve pressure on the rest of your digestive system. It also allows the food to be mixed well with saliva which contains special enzymes that initiate the breakdown of carbohydrates and fat before they even reach the stomach. While it sounds simple, chewing food 20-30 times and eating slowly can make a world of difference when it comes to bloating and digestive comfort. 
  2. Keep moving. Exercise is a great way to stimulate the digestive system and help with regular bowel motions. Now we aren’t talking about a high-intensity post-meal workout, instead try taking a gentle 15-20 minute walk after a festive lunch or dinner, this will help with digestion of food, bloating and moving trapped gas. 
  3. Drink to good health! Alcohol irritates the gut lining, and when it comes to bubbles, beer or fizzy mixers, the sugar and carbon dioxide content can upset our balance of gut bacteria and cause gas and bloating. As well as drinking in moderation, avoid drinking on an empty stomach. And if you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative, why not give this Tropical (Virgin) Mimosa with Two Islands Happy Gut a go? This deliciously citrus mocktail works to keep bloating at bay all while healing the gut lining and keeping our bowel movements regular. 
  4. Get in some greens. Filling at least half of your plate with fibre-rich leafy green vegetables is a great way to provide your gut with some good prebiotic fibre while keeping you full and satisfied.
  5. Don’t forget the protein! Along with alcohol, the festive season often brings with it plenty of sugary, sweet treats too. Making sure you have a good source of protein with your meals can help to keep you fuller for longer while balancing out any big spikes or dips in blood sugar levels. Adding some protein powder to homemade chocolate brownies, slices and biscuits is a great way to get in some added nutrition.
  6. Keep hydrated. Aim to alternate every tipple with a glass of water to help stay hydrated (and make the next morning a little more bearable)! Not a fan of plain water? Spruce it up with some fresh strawberries, and cucumber, and add a serving of Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder it’s an easy and natural way to add flavour.
  7. Be kind to yourself. The festive season can also be a stressful time which can not only affect the way we feel emotionally but also upset the health of our gut and digestion. Remember to prioritise yourself and take some time for self-care practices like a walk in nature, yoga, breathing exercises, switching off social media or just saying “no”.


As we embrace the festive spirit and bid farewell to the year, it's essential to navigate the holiday indulgence with a mindful approach to our well-being. Recognize the potential stress of the season and gift yourself moments of self-care – find the balance that lets you revel in the joy of the season while cherishing your well-being. Cheers to a festive season filled with merriment and mindful indulgence!