Sustainable practices in action

We’re not perfect, but we strive to do better

We recognise that by making products, we will always have an impact on the environment. We are constantly striving to do better in all areas of our company, from ingredient sourcing, to packaging, to the restorative organisations we support.

We’re constantly looking to make more sustainable choices, from considered ingredient sourcing, to conserving resources and reducing waste. We offset carbon emissions locally by regenerating native forests through Carbonz, which incentivises farmers to restore and plant native trees.

Sustainably Sourced

Wild-caught from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, the marine collagen we use is sustainably sourced from Norway, and is a natural by-product of the fishing industry, which would otherwise go to waste.

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Every type of packaging has its pros and cons. There’s always room for improvement. So we're committed to finding the best packaging that protects our products, protects you and minimises our impact on the environment. And we are constantly looking for more sustainable packaging options as they become available.

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Sustainability Practices



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