Nightcap Advocate, Donna
In Conversation

Nightcap Advocate, Donna


Meet Donna, caterer and Nightcap advocate. Donna began taking Nightcap last June after struggling to quiet her mind in the evenings and get to sleep.

We sat down with Donna to hear about how Nightcap has benefited her most. Read on to hear about her results.

What is your name, age and occupation?

My name is Donna Barratt-Boyes, I'm 59 and work as a caterer.

Why did you begin taking Nightcap, were you struggling with anything in particular?

I was struggling to quiet my mind in the evenings and relax. This was affecting my ability to get to sleep.

What benefits have you noticed from taking Nightcap?

The main benefits I have noticed from Nightcap is that it calms my mind and relaxes me so I have a peaceful sleep. I wasn't expecting it to work so well.

How does Nightcap fit into your evening routine?

I take Nightcap every evening when I’m getting ready for bed. It's an essential part of my routine.

How long have you been taking Nightcap for?

I’ve been taking Nightcap since it was first released in June 2022, it's been almost a year and I can't go without it.

How long did it take for you to see results?

I saw results taking Nightcap instantly, I found I was more relaxed, less anxious and able to get to sleep and stay asleep from the very first night.

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