Amy Fraser, OKREAL
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Amy Fraser, OKREAL


Sometimes the solution to a problem is obvious, it just takes an outside perspective to recognise it. Meet Amy, a long-time partner of ours and the face behind OKREAL — a powerful online platform dedicated to catalysing systemic change in how women value themselves, and are therefore valued in the world.

It’s a resource brimming with authentic advice and real-world strategies to help women define and create their version of fulfilment through community and connection — an extremely relatable curation of wisdom like no other. We spoke to Amy about mentorship, motherhood and finding fulfilment.

Hi Amy! Tell us how OKREAL got started?

I started OKREAL when I was living in New York, around 2014 or so. I wanted to provide a resource of wisdom for women who were trying to figure out what a fulfilled life looked like, and how to go out and achieve it for themselves. 

How has the business evolved since its inception?

OKREAL was originally an interview platform, built from women’s stories. Over the years we developed a few different verticals: events that we’d host in partnership with other brands, digital partnerships, and a mentorship / coaching service. I also do a lot more 1:1 coaching, workshop facilitation and consulting now that I’m back in New Zealand. 

What kind of resources can you expect to find as part of the OKREAL community?

Good women, good advice, good connections. 

Many women view fulfilment and success as being inextricably linked. Are they?

Success is a product of fulfilment, it takes on whatever meaning you assign to it. In the same way it’s smart to diversify your revenue streams, it’s wise to diversify your sources of fulfilment: you need to invest in all areas of your life in order to feel whole. Success for me is looking at the whole poster of my life - not just my career accolades or how much money I make. 

Strength and optimism seem like such foundational forces both for OKREAL and for you as a person. How did you cultivate this spirit for yourself and your son, Ra?

You choose who you are every day. Deciding to be optimistic and taking responsibility for your own trajectory - regardless of what life throws at you - is something that I’ve always stuck by. 

Also, congrats on your second pregnancy! How has your pre-natal experience been this time round? We’re sure reality differs greatly from Instagram.

Physically my pregnancy has been much the same as my first: really sick for the first 3 months, then getting huge at the end! Ra was 4kgs at birth and this one is looking to be much the same. I’m not a very gracious or patient pregnant person. I love my babies but far prefer them out than in. I’m counting down the days until this one arrives in a week’s time! 

Covid has understandably had such a destabilising and overwhelming effect for many. What at-home rituals help you feel grounded and relaxed?

Pre-covid I was traveling to New York every 8 weeks for work. After living there for a decade, it still feels like home, and most of my friends are there. I’ve found that really, really hard - being cut off from somewhere that still feels like a huge part of me, and from people who feel like family. So speaking with friends overseas regularly is crucial for my mental health - far more so than meditation or anything like that! Exercise has become increasingly difficult the more pregnant I’ve become, which makes me even more grateful for my Two Islands ritual of Happy Gut every night before bed (I now knock back my fish oil with it), and collagen first thing in the morning. Feels like I’m still looking after myself and I know my baby is only getting the best! 

What does the future for OKREAL look like?

This year my coaching practise really ramped up and I now have clients all over the world - from Japan to London to the US to NZ - and I’m looking forward to continuing with that. I’m also consulting with a few New York start-ups who are building women-centric communities - something I’d love to bring to New Zealand in a way that hasn’t been done before. Stay tuned! 



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