Happy Gut Advocate Annabel, on Digestive Health
In Conversation

Happy Gut Advocate Annabel, on Digestive Health


To celebrate World Digestive Health Day, we spoke to some of our regular Happy Gut users to find out how supporting their digestive health has benefited them most.

Meet Annabel, she has been taking Happy Gut for 3 years daily after struggling with chronic UTI's and a serious gut and hormone imbalance. Read on to hear about her results.

Why did you begin taking Happy Gut, were you struggling with anything in particular?

I was struggling with constant bloating, chronic UTIs and just an overall imbalance of everything. I went off the oral contraceptive pill after about 7 years of taking it and everything in my body was out of whack. I had at least 1-2 UTIs per month which would be fixed with antibiotics, which comes with its own issues! My gut health was terrible! I was altering my diet e.g cutting out gluten, dairy and processed foods, which was helping but not as much as I had hoped it would. So I had nothing to lose by giving Happy Gut a try.

What benefits have you noticed from taking Happy Gut?

My UTIs have stopped! Since taking Happy Gut I have had 1 per year. UTI is a common pregnancy symptom and I didn’t have one at all while pregnant which was amazing. I am no longer bloated 24 hours per day and my bowel/gut health just feels so much better overall. I describe it as no longer feeling heavy and full anymore!

Is there anything that has surprised you about taking Happy Gut, or any extra benefits you weren’t expecting?

Happy Gut actually tastes really nice! Especially with the new and improved taste. I look forward to having it each night. I’m really pleased and surprised that taking Happy Gut has helped clear my skin. With all of the hormones trying to regulate in my body from being pregnant to postpartum, my skin broke out awfully. Since beginning Happy Gut I very rarely get a breakout, my complexion is smoother and I feel very balanced overall which is such an amazing feeling. 

How does it fit into your routine? 

I take it every night before bed in warm water. I actually like the taste. I always wake up not feeling bloated which is great!

How long have you been taking Happy Gut for? 

I have been taking Happy Gut on and off since it first launched (three years) but whilst I was pregnant I knew that constipation was a common symptom and I didn’t want that, so I have been taking it daily for the past 6 months. I had no issues with constipation throughout pregnancy and funnily enough, it was a saviour after I gave birth as I had a pretty awful birth, so I was so pleased to have Happy Gut with me for that. Now I can’t go without it!

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