We put Happy Days to the test

We put Happy Days to the test


After an eight-week consumer trial* of our latest supplement, Happy Days, the results are in and we are excited to share them with you.

Within just four weeks, 93% of participants noticed an improvement in their mood or stress levels. Among them, 72.5% experienced a difference within 7 days.

After just 4 weeks:⁠

  • 93% noticed an improvement in their mood or stress levels, of which, 73% noticed a difference within 7 days⁠
  • 91% experienced a decrease in overthinking, worrying and/or anxiety⁠
  • 65% rated their level of happiness and/or positivity higher than before taking Happy Days⁠
  • 86% experienced nervous tension, overwhelm or stress less often⁠


Real people, real results

Here's what our consumer trial participants had to say after taking Happy Days.

"I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing - mental, physical and emotional. It has helped me with feeling less reactive and wound up. A fab product!"

"I’ve really noticed a difference in my daily mood and generally feel more grounded and calm since taking this daily."

"It has been an extremely helpful tool for calming my mind daily. This product actually delivers what it says it’s supposed to. Highly recommend this to everyone."

That’s because Happy Days scientifically researched ingredients including Bluenesse® Lemon Balm, Safr’Inside™ Saffron and AshwaMind™ Ashwagandha nourish the adrenals to support the body’s ability to copy and adapt to daily stress, overwhelm and worry so you get through in one peace. This feel-good formula is here to support a calm, positive and stable mood for bright, relaxed days. Let Happy Days do the heavy lifting for you and you could have a less nervous system in as little as 7 days.


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*Eight week consumer trial with 44 females and males experiencing stress,
worry, overthinking or anxiety. Results reported above based on four weeks
of Happy Days supplementation.