Eczema and angry skin? Could be your gut that’s unhappy.
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Eczema and angry skin? Could be your gut that’s unhappy.


Have you ever considered that the condition of your skin might be closely linked to the health of your gut? If you have tried numerous topical solutions without success, it might be time to shift your focus inward and prioritise treating your skin from the inside out.

The intricate connection between gut health and skin wellbeing is not merely a coincidence; it is a fundamental aspect of our overall health. Beyond its role in digestion, a well-balanced gut is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Disruptions in gut microflora or inflammation of the intestinal lining can trigger a cascade of effects, manifesting as skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. Furthermore, compromised gut integrity can impede the absorption of essential nutrients like zinc, vitamins A, E, and C, thereby adversely impacting overall skin health and its ability to heal.

Understanding the vital role of gut health in skin conditions prompts exploration into effective strategies to support both. Here are three insightful tips.

Incorporate Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

  • Essential for promoting healthy skin and reducing inflammation, omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained from oily fish like salmon, as well as plant-based sources such as walnuts and chia seeds. This dietary addition not only nurtures skin health but also contributes to a well-rounded approach to gut well-being

Prioritise Dietary Fibre:

  • Ensuring an adequate daily intake of fibre is pivotal for maintaining a healthy gut and mitigating skin issues. Fibre facilitates regular bowel movements, preventing the reabsorption of substances that should be expelled. Moreover, it serves as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in the gut, fostering a balanced microflora essential for overall health.

Embrace Glutamine Supplementation:

  • Amino acids, particularly glutamine, play a crucial role in repairing and safeguarding intestinal tissue. This amino acid also enhances immune cell activity in the gut. Previous research indicates that supplementing with glutamine can be beneficial in reducing atopic eczema, highlighting its potential as a targeted approach for improving gut and skin health.

At Two Islands we believe you should complement these dietary recommendations with products designed to specifically enhance gut health and skin hydration. Happy Gut and Skin Hydration Elixir uniquely combines key ingredients known for their positive impact on gut health and skin vitality. With a blend of, prebiotics, and skin-nourishing compounds, this combination supports the cultivation of a thriving gut microflora while promoting hydration and radiance from the inside out. The inclusion of botanical extracts further enhances the elixir's holistic approach, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine for promoting gut-skin synergy.

By incorporating targeted dietary strategies and embracing products like Two Islands Happy Gut and Skin Hydration Elixir, you can embark on a journey towards comprehensive well-being, nourishing your skin and gut in harmony.