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Collagen and skin

Collagen is a combination of amino acids made naturally in the body when we eat enough protein. It’s essential, it’s natural and it makes up a very large portion of skin cells. Unfortunately, as we get older we don’t produce as much collagen, which can dry out the skin and speed up the appearance of aging (sometimes faster than we would like). Collagen also can’t be stored in the body so daily replenishment is a must!

The real magic of collagen supplementation shows when it comes to healing wounds. When skin is damaged by the sun, acne breakouts, dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, or just general moisture loss, collagen tells the immune system to form brand new skin in that area, repairing any damage...Magic! New cells mean a tighter barrier, which means less water loss and less itchy, dry skin. Daily collagen is the go-to to help heal dry, inflamed, itchy, irritated or scarred skin.

Try adding Two Islands collagen beauty powder to baking, smoothies, coffee or just plain water to give your skin a boost, improve its quality and help repair any damage. You can thank us later.