Collagen and Nails

Collagen and Nails


What if we told you growing flawless nails is easy?! 

If your nails are bitten, brittle, or just need a little help to stay healthy, our Two Islands Collagen Beauty Capsules will be your saving grace.

 “So… What’s in it?” 

It’s all just high-quality collagen baby! Oh, and a little bit of vitamin C to optimise absorption. They don't want you to miss out on a drop of it. 

 “Ok, sounds good so far... But what even is collagen?”

Collagen is a combination of amino acids made naturally by the body (when we eat enough dietary protein, that is). It’s completely natural, completely essential and makes up a very large portion of our body structure - found most abundantly in skin, hair and nails.. All the beauty bits!

Unfortunately as we age, we don’t produce as much of it, which leaves us in a deficit and can have negative impacts on the health and quality of those ‘beauty bits’. But there is hope - studies show that supplementing with collagen daily can replace the collagen naturally lost with age. Phew. 


Collagen itself cannot be stored in the body so needs to be replenished daily for the best result. Collagen capsules or tablets are an easy and convenient way of taking collagen and deliver all the beauty benefits of Type I marine collagen peptides. Take 2 capsules daily or as professionally advised.

Collagen in nails

Now that we know the basics, it’s not hard to imagine the immense role collagen plays in nail structure and health. When we don’t have enough, nails can be brittle, soft and split or break easily. If this sounds like you, or if you have damaged nails (from biting them or injuring the nail bed), or they just don’t seem to grow that fast, supplementing with collagen will be your hero. It’ll help revive and re-grow healthy, thick and even nails. Studies show that daily supplementation of collagen restores damaged nails, promotes healthy growth AND prevents nails from splitting or breaking. Collagen really is proving to be such a superstar!

To add to the good news, our Two Islands Collagen Beauty Capsules are made from high-quality marine sources, which have proven to be gentler on the GI tract when compared to conventionally sourced collagen like bovine or porcine.

If you’re looking to completely revamp the state of your nails or even just to maintain already healthy nails, then look no further! Ditch the polish this Christmas and supplement with collagen to show off your naturally strong and healthy nails! It’s as easy as two capsules a day.