Full MindBody Reset

Full MindBody Reset

Take control of your health with the chance to win a
6 month personalised holistic health programme in partnership with Autonomy.

Take control of your health with the
chance to win a 6 month personalised
holistic health programme.

Two Islands x Autonomy

Win one of four 6 month Full Mind Body Reset programmes worth over $13,500

Take control of your health and slow your pace of ageing

Entries have now closed for stage one of our Mind Body Reset. Successful applicants will be contacted with further detail on requirements for stage two.

Check back for further updates on the programme soon.

Live healthier for longer with Autonomy

Autonomy is redefining personal healthcare by combining precision medicine with tailored longevity coaching. This approach fine-tunes your metabolism, reduces your risk of chronic diseases, and optimises your daily health habits to slow the pace of biological ageing. Their precision health doctors and coaches are your partners in change, helping you avoid unnecessary pain and suffering, and enabling you to live healthier for longer.

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What's Included?

Supplement Support: Unlimited supply of relevant Two Islands supplements to support your health journey during the Full Mind Body Reset, valued at up to $2,000.

Precision Health Tests: 92 genetic variations that affect metabolic health, 60+ metabolic health biomarkers, 40 daily health habits and longevity functions, and your biological pace of ageing.

Chronic Disease Risk Assessments: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia.

Personalised Health Reports: DNA and epigenetics assessment, metabolic health and disease risk report, optimal health, habit and longevity plan.

Tailored Health Consultations: Three consultations with a precision health doctor, weekly health and habit coaching sessions with a precision health coach.

All Autonomy services are outlined in their "Health Plan" programme.

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