This Way Forward : Transparency & Sustainability with our Founder, Julia
In Conversation

This Way Forward : Transparency & Sustainability with our Founder, Julia


To celebrate B Corp Month, we reached out to our favourite B Corp kiwi-founded businesses to get to know them a little better and understand what being B Corp certified means to them.

To kick this series off, we picked the brain of our very own founder, Julia Matthews.

How and why was Two Islands born?

During my nutrition studies, I uncovered the complexity of the human body and the significance of nutrition, herbs and naturopathy. Recognising the impact of modern lifestyles, processed diets and chronic stress on our health, I sought to provide a solution. What started with a plant-based protein powder has evolved into a range harnessing the potency of superfoods, functional herbs and high-quality, bioavailable micronutrients focusing on using safe, active ingredients in high doses rather than artificial additives. I love providing solutions to people that support their lifestyle to help them look and feel their best. 

What makes Two Islands different from other supplement products in the market? 

Transparency.  Each product and ingredient is led by an evidence-based approach containing pure, unadulterated, nutrient dense ingredients with nothing unnecessary. If you read the back of our packaging we list out all ingredients and you’ll notice short, clean ingredient lists, with no nasty toxins or unpronounceable words! So you know the product is, and does, exactly what it says on the packaging. We use a lot of clinically researched ingredients that have results to back up our claims and this gives us the confidence that products will actually work.

On our website you will also find an ingredient glossary of every ingredient we use including where it has been sourced from and the clinical research supporting its use so you can be confident you know exactly what you are taking and where it came from.

What does being B Corp Certified mean to you?

I believe that business can be a force for good—a catalyst for positive change. We've always been committed to creating products that are not only good for you but also good for the planet. Our B Corp certification reflects our ongoing efforts to operate ethically and responsibly across all aspects of Two Islands. While also continually improving our practices, seeking innovative solutions, and setting higher standards for ourselves and others to hopefully create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

In line with this year’s B Corp month theme, ‘The Way Forward’, what improvements or changes are you implementing moving forward?

As we introduce new products, it remains important for me to prioritise verified suppliers, local and sustainable packaging, and organic ingredients. We are also actively working towards offering a refill option for every product as a more sustainable option by encouraging the re-use of our jars and tubs. While we've supported various organisations from the outset, we're now aiming for sustained partnerships with charities that resonate with the Two Islands brand, dedicating our time and resources to these aligned causes. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Just get out there and do it, don’t wait until things are perfect or you’ll be waiting forever.  

What's your go-to song to elevate your mood?

Anything by Elton John! 

What’s your go-to beverage?

Blood Orange Almighty

If someone was a tourist in your home town, where is the one place you would recommend they visit? 

Waiheke, specifically Poderi Crisci.   

Running a business is a constant juggling act, what does managing wellbeing look like to you? 

Having routine is absolutely key to keeping my mental health in check. I love being in the office with my team, having a packed day and the craziness that comes with running Two Islands, and equally love weekends at home with my babies - hanging out in the garden and going for walks together.