Everyday Feels, Jill Brinsdon

Everyday Feels, Jill Brinsdon


Welcome to Everyday Feels, our series where we investigate what the day-to-day rollercoaster of life is like for our Two Islands community.

Everyday Feels is about embracing the reality that each day brings a unique mix of emotions.

This week, we are thrilled to share our conversation with the effervescent Jill Brinsdon. Jill is an award-winning brand and culture strategist, storyteller, media commentator, speaker and facilitator. Jill founded her own business Tricky in 2018 and is a highly sought after brand strategist. 

We sat down with Jill to dive a little deeper into her everyday feelings, what they are, how they come about and how she deals with them.

We know that we can’t change the way people feel. Each day is a rollercoaster of feelings, we all have hundreds of different feelings every single day and that will never change. That's why we’ve created a product to help manage those feelings and inject a little bit of happy into each day. If you need a little help to reduce stress and anxiety, balance your mood and improve your happiness levels, our latest product Happy Days is designed to provide that support. 

Here's what our customers have been saying about Happy Days:

"I never noticed how much they helped until I ran out. I feel less anxious, and I feel happier and think about happier things too. I don’t dwell on the little things as much as I was, I really couldn’t be without these now and won’t run out again." - Michelle


"Happy Days is my go-to product for an instant mood boost! The first time I tried it was around lunch time, and I found myself smiling all afternoon for no particular reason! It really does take the edge off and has become my favourite among all the Two Islands products that I use. I have even recommended and gifted it to friends and family, The immediate benefits make it a must-have for a happier day!" - Deborah


Stay tuned as we feature real people sharing their everyday feelings, discussing how they arise, and sharing their strategies for coping. Let’s open up the conversation about mental health together!