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Protein Sample 3-Pack

Try 3 tasty flavours: Vanilla, Salted Caramel & Chocolate


Our Protein Sample Pack gives you the freedom to sample 3 of our favourite flavours including delicious Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla. These 25g single serve sachets are perfect for keeping close by in your handbag, gym bag or office snack stash.

Our Protein Sample Pack gives you the freedom to sample 3 of our favourite flavours including delicious Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla. These 25g single serve sachets are perfect for keeping close by in your handbag, gym bag or office snack stash.

Your smoothie kit

Blend your Pea Protein in our BPA-free shaker or our Smoothie Cup to keep your drink cool.

Vanilla Pea Protein Powder

Serving size: 25g (1 sachet)

Avg Qty per 25g Serving Avg Qty per 100g
Energy 423kJ 1690kJ
Protein 19.7g 78.7g
-gluten 0.0g 0.0g
Fat, total 2.2g 8.8g
-saturated 0.5g 1.9g
Carbohydrates 2.3g 9.3g
-sugars 0.1g 0.4g
Sodium 232mg 927mg
Iron 5.7mg 22.8mg

Salted Caramel Pea Protein Powder

Serving size: 25g (1 sachet)

Avg Qty per 25g Serving Avg Qty per 100g


422kJ 1690kJ
Protein 19.4g 77.6g
- gluten 0.0g 0.0g
Fat, total 2.2g 8.7g
-saturated 0.5g 1.9g
Carbohydrates 2.5g 10.2g
-sugars 0.2g 1g


305mg 1220mg
Iron 5.6mg 22.5mg

Chocolate Pea Protein Powder

Serving size: 25g (1 sachet)

Avg Qty per 25g Serving Avg Qty per 100g
Energy 421kJ 1680kJ
Protein 18.8g 75.3g
-gluten 0.0g 0.0g
Fat, total 2.6g 10.6g
-saturated 0.8g 3.2g
Carbohydrates 1.5g 5.8g
-sugars 0.1g 0.2g
Sodium 214mg 857mg
Iron 6.5mg 25.9mg

Pea Protein Powder Ingredients

Salted Caramel: Pea Protein (93.4%), Natural Caramel Flavour, Salt, Sweetener (Monk Fruit Extract).

Chocolate: Pea Protein (87.6%), Cocoa Powder (12%), Sweetener (Monk Fruit Extract), Natural Flavour.

Vanilla: Pea Protein (94.7%), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sweetener (Monk Fruit Extract).

Consumption is entirely situation-dependent. If you exercise regularly, two serves per day is suitable. One during the day as preferred and another directly after training or exercise. One serve on recovery days is fine.

Two Islands Pea Protein is safe to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, it is advised to discuss any supplement intake with your GP or Healthcare Professional before consumption, just to be safe.

Yes, our Pea Protein Powder is plant based and vegan friendly.

Our Two Islands Pea Protein Powder can be mixed with your milk of choice (cow’s, oat, almond, etc.). It is also great mixed with yoghurt and your smoothie for a post-workout snack.

While protein is important to help maintain and build muscle mass, consuming more protein as part of a healthy diet is not going to make you bulk up. Unlike carbohydrates and fat, the body can’t physically store protein. Any protein that is consumed in the diet is going to either be used by the body, stored as fat or excreted and not sent directly to your muscles.

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Kate T.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Pea proteins

Taste good, good sample pack size for trying it out


Two Islands

Hey Kate, thanks for the review - we hope you found a flavour you enjoy! X

Ellen S.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

A good little taster

New to using protein powder, so this was a great way to try before buying a lager amount. I like the flavor of the pea protein and how it's not too sweet at all.

Two Islands Protein Sample 3-Pack Review

Two Islands

Thanks Ellen, glad you're enjoying the Pea Protein! x

Brigette S.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Great way to try

Ordered the trial 3 pack to see which ones I liked. Great easy inexpensive way to try out all flavours before investing in the bigger size. Now I know which ones I like and what to order.


Two Islands

Hey Brigette, thanks for review! Hope you found a flavour you love x

Nicole H.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Looove these protein powders best dairy free ones I've found. Especially love the salted caramel flavour.


Two Islands

Hey Nicole, thanks for your lovely review! x

Barley Leaf

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Barley Leaf 2

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NZ Greenshell™ Mussel

Supports tissue regeneration and helps rebuild muscles. NZ Greenshell™ Mussel has also been scientifically researched to help lubricate and nourish joint tissue, assisting with more fluid and flexible motion.


Has strong anti-inflammation properties that help reduce pain and swelling and has been shown to start working in as little as 7 days.

AbsoCurcumin® Turmeric

Curcumin, the active compound in Turmeric, has a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action to reduce the pain that can result from injury, aches and sport induced muscle stress from regular exercise.

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen

Type I collagen supports the appearance of plump, hydrated skin, strong nails and healthy hair. Also 1.5x better absorbed by the body compared to bovine or porcine derived collagen.

Vitamin C

Required for the biosynthesis of collagen in the body, aiding its absorption. Also a powerful antioxidant that supports skin health.


An essential nutrient needed for collagen production in the body. Often referred to as the “beauty mineral”, silica helps to support skin elasticity, strong nails and healthy hair growth.

Dracobelle™ Nu

An antioxidant rich extract from the Moldavian Dragonhead plant. Scientifically researched, this organic and 100% plant-based ingredient has shown to support the body’s own natural collagen production and helps to improve skin moisture, elasticity and density for truly glowing skin.

New Zealand Blackcurrants

A potent source of vitamin C and antioxidant rich polyphenols known as anthocyanins. Together, these compounds work to promote a glowing complexion by supporting the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

A type of sugar molecule naturally found within our skin that helps it to retain moisture. Research has shown that supplementation of hyaluronic acid can improve skin dryness, hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines, making it the perfect ingredient to support plump and supple skin from the inside out.


A type of B vitamin that plays an important role in the health of our skin, hair and nails. Where biotin may be lacking in the diet, this can result in brittle nails, hair loss and skin concerns.


An essential trace mineral in the body and is vital for the health of our skin, hair and nails. Needed for collagen production, zinc helps to support skin healing, fights against blemishes and early signs of aging.

Pea Protein

A complete protein offering all 9 essential amino acids. Protein plays an essential role in our body including providing the body with energy as well as lean muscle building and repair. Naturally gluten and dairy free as well as vegan friendly.

Tart Cherry

Tart cherry improves overall sleep quality, including time spent in bed, total sleep time and total sleep efficiency.


An adaptogen, meaning it can improve your body’s ability to cope with and adapt to stress. Shown to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep due to it’s stress-alleviating properties.


Supports the nervous system by providing a sedative effect, reducing lifestyle-related stress and anxiety to ultimately improve sleep and sleep quality.

Saffr'Inside™ Saffron

Shown to cause a 60% decrease in overall stress levels in as little as 5 days. Improves the ease of getting to sleep, sleep duration and overall sleep quality.


A well-known galactagogue used to enhance healthy breast milk supply and volume, it also acts as a digestive aid to support gastrointestinal comfort and appetite.


Not only a galactagogue, but also an adaptogen which helps the body combat emotional stress and overwhelm common in new and busy Mums.

Goat’s Rue

Often recommended by lactation consultants for its galactagogue properties. Research has shown it also supports healthy blood sugar levels, which is beneficial in helping normal milk supply in mother’s where underlying hormonal conditions affect production.


Traditional herbal galactagogue used to support breast milk volume and flow, fennel is a natural carminative which helps to relieve gastrointestinal upset and support feelings of gas and digestive discomfort in both Mum and baby.


Supports the gut’s mucous membranes and the maintenance of the barrier between the inside of your intestines and the rest of your body.

Slippery Elm

Helps coat and soothe mucous membranes and calm any irritation. Supports digestion bowel regularity and digestive comfort.

New Zealand Apple Fibre

Helps bulk stools and allows for regular and comfortable bowel motions. A good source of prebiotic fibre to support a healthy intestinal microbial balance.

Chia Seeds

A source of soluble and prebiotic fibre, chia seeds help support overall digestion, a good balance of bacteria in the gut, and healthy bowel movements.


Soothes and settles an upset stomach. A potent antioxidant shown to support overall digestion, as well as help reduce bloating and support digestive comfort.


Carmitave properties support the digestive system, reduce bloating and gas as well as support a healthy stress response and gut-brain axis.


Contains high levels of antioxidants, supports healthy blood sugar levels, digestive comfort, bloating and stomach upset.


Rich in mucilage that coats and soothes mucous membranes, creating a protective layer on the lining of the digestive tract to soothe and support gut lining integrity.

Organic Hemp Protein

A rich source of minerals as well as offers a complete amino acid profile. Hemp protein is easy on the digestive tract and provides your body with energy, the building blocks of lean muscle and helps you stay fuller for longer.

NZ Organic Beetroot

This brightly pigmented antioxidant helps prevent oxidative damage and fights the negative impacts of inflammation and ageing. Rich in nitrates, beetroot also helps improve blood flow, muscle function, stamina and recovery.

NZ Organic Blackcurrant

A potent source of vitamin C which strengthens antioxidant capacity and the immune defence, as well as assists with iron absorption. Blackcurrants have also been shown to improve physical exercise performance after consumption.

NZ Broccoli Sprout

This cruciferous vegetable has been linked to a decreased risk of chronic disease due to its anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting effects, as well as their ability to help reduce oxidative stress.

NZ Organic Barley Leaf

The newly sprouted leaf of barley plants, barley leaf is rich in a number of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients that act as antioxidants. Also high in chlorophyll.

NZ Organic Wheat Leaf

Rich in chlorophyll, wheat leaf has been shown to be effective in treating blood deficiencies such as anaemnia. It can also aid in digestion by reducing bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.

Organic Chlorella

A type of algae and a great natural source of protein, vitamin D2, vitamin B12, iron and potassium. It also helps cleanse and detox the body.

Organic Spirulina

High in protein, vitamin B12, provitamin A and minerals such as iron. Also helps with detoxifying and relieving inflammation.

NZ Kelp

Naturally rich in the mineral iodine to help support thyroid function. Iodine is a common deficiency in NZ women.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and aids iron absorption, providing 1,000% of your RDI per serve.

Vegan Vitamin D

Derived from non-GMO algae and vegan friendly. Essential for bone health to immune function and mood regulation

Holy Basil

Anti-inflammatory and rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. Also adaptogenic which means it can help your body manage and regulate all types of stress.

Curry Leaf

Plant-based source of iron to support vitality and transport oxygen around the body.


A rich source of natural vitamin C providing powerful antioxidant and immune-strengthening properties.


Offers a high concentration of vitamin C to support immune function and prevent oxidative damage, and an excellent source of Vitamin E, A, iron and calcium.


A vibrant source of natural vitamin C providing powerful antioxidant and immune-strengthening properties, lemons are also a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 and folate to support energy production.

Grape and Wild Blueberry

Potent sources of polyphenols, this patented and scientifically proven blend supports cognition, promotes learning and improves both working and long-term memory.


An adaptogenic herb that supports the stress response. Also shown to improve learning rate, memory and speed of visual information processing.

Siberian Ginseng

An adaptogenic herb that supports the stress response, enhances object recognition memory and helps improve stamina. Ideal for fighting fatigue and brain fog.


An amino acid that improves the body's stress response, memory and cognitive functioning. It helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and brain fog, while improving focus and attention.

Organic Lion’s Mane

Supports the central nervous system and has been shown to reduce mild symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also has protective benefits in neurodegenerative disease such as dementia.