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Sleep + Caps Duo

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Give your body the restful, restorative sleep it deserves with this Nightcap and Marine Collagen Beauty Capsules duo. 

Collagen makes up about 75-80% of our skin's structure, providing a sort of scaffolding. Without adequate rest, our body can't produce collagen to repair itself, leading to visible signs of premature ageing including fine lines, dry skin, thin hair, brittle nails, slower wound healing and can result in joint problems due to weakened cartilage.

Let Nightcap's blend of high strength tart cherry, ashwagandha, saffron and passionflower bring you a sense of relaxation and prime you for restorative sleep. Marine Collagen Beauty Capsules taken right before bedtime allow your body to use our sustainable marine collagen, along with a dose of vitamin C, to support the body's restorative functions while you sleep.

This bundle includes:

  • Nightcap, 100ml Oral Liquid (20 serves)
  • Marine Collagen Beauty Capsules, 60 Vege Capsules (one month supply)