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The Two Islands Journey

Many of us don’t think about wellness. About being well.

Until we’re not, that is.

While studying health science and nutrition in Sydney, I discovered just how complex the human body really is, and the power of nutrition, herbs, and naturopathy. Studying also made me aware how our health is impacted by modern lifestyles, processed western diets, and chronic stress.

As a student pulling late nights and surviving on coffee, I was looking to fill my nutritional gaps, by creating my own recipe for something I couldn’t find on the shelf: protein powder with a great nutritional profile that actually tasted good. And I realised better nutrition could help me – and others like me – age well, help prevent disease, and tap into energy reserves we didn’t know we had.

Knowing I wasn’t alone in struggling with health challenges, I set out to offer a solution. One that would empower other people to take their future health into their own hands, by sharing what I’d learned, and simplifying a complicated and often contradictory topic.

And Two Islands was born.

Our goal: do more good, not just be less bad.

I found a team of passionate people and we started making super clean products that are minimal but highly effective. Unadulterated, nutrient loaded modern wellness essentials to target specific health challenges, with the potential to extend not just life spans, but health spans.

Together, we’ve created a range that harnesses the power of superfoods, functional herbs, and high quality, bioavailable micronutrients, using safe, active ingredients rather than unpronounceable artificial additives.

Two Islands is a blend of science and nature

• Our nutrition and wellness experts help us navigate what's safe, sustainable and actually proven to work.

• Led by an evidence-based approach, where each product - and every ingredient - has a purpose.

• Body positive nutrition blending the best ingredients from nature, proven by science, formulated to help you look good on your outside and nurture your insides.

• Pure, unadulterated, nutrient dense ingredients - and nothing unnecessary.

• Thoughtfully made and packaged to fit your life without extra effort.

As the science of nutrition evolves, we're constantly learning too - dedicated advocates for people who want to take wellness into their own hands. We're here to simplify wellness, to give you greater control over the health of your body, and the peace of your mind. Possibly even delight your soul.

Because at Two Islands, we believe wellbeing starts with well doing.

Julia Matthews, Founder

Our no-compromises promises

It is what it says on the tin

We promise to never profit at the expense of your health. Only pure ingredients, proven effective, and at safe levels can carry the Two Islands name. Read our pack and you’ll notice short, clean ingredient lists – free from nasty toxins, unpronounceable chemicals and common allergens. Every Two Islands product is designed to put your health first, made to the highest specifications, formulated in New Zealand, and independently tested and verified. So you know it is, and does, exactly what it says on the tin.

A declaration of independents

We’re independent, transparent, and accountable, with the freedom to make decisions that support your health. We focus on making effective wellness products – not everything under the sun. Proudly made in New Zealand – every product is formulated by our team of expert nutrition and wellness practitioners. Ours is a small, agile female founded and led team, supported by a larger entity, combining the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up, with access to global resources and the latest research.

Every little thing, is everything

Focusing on every tiny detail is what we do, because they all make the big picture better. We love a challenge, going above and beyond to ethically source premium, nutrient dense super foods proven to work in our expert formulations. No cheap fillers or dodgy additives. Every element of those formulations is carefully considered, running our exacting gauntlet to earn its place. This detail- focused ethos means meeting your high expectations too – from considered packaging to tasty flavours and premium active ingredients at optimum levels for efficacy. So you notice a positive difference in your life.

We’re a lot like you

We understand what it’s like, juggling modern life with maintaining health and wellness. We’ve had ‘always on’ career roles, and said yes to the last piece of cake. We too, need support to thrive – which inspires us to create only what’s needed to target specific health challenges or protect long-term wellbeing. In formats that are lovely to use and fit modern lifestyles. We recommend them because we’re the guinea pigs, and never make anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. We get it. The human body is complex and changing, and wellness can be confusing. But we’re here to help – by educating and empowering people like you, who – like us – want to take control of their wellness.