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Our Experts

Meet our experts who we work alongside to develop products and bring you up to date information in the health and wellness realm. 

Emily Jensen

BNatMed (Dist.), BSc HumNut & SpExSc, CertAppSc.

Emily is a degree qualified nutritionist, naturopath and medical herbalist. Passionate about nutrition and natural medicine, Emily approaches health in a holistic way and works to provide others with the tools they need for better health, wellbeing and a more balanced lifestyle. Specialising in digestive health, sleep issues and women's health concerns such as PCOS, endometriosis and fertility, Emily works towards treating the root cause of symptoms to nourish the body to optimal wellbeing and create long-lasting, positive change. Emily offers one-on-one private consultations from her clinics in Mt Eden and Ellerslie.

Jess Blair

Naturopath Nutritionist

Jess Blair is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, and is a respected commentator on health and lifestyle issues. A well- known health specialist on television and radio, public speaker and magazine columnist and blogger, Jess is a force of nature whose upbeat energy inspires people to make changes in their lives. Her areas of interest include women's health (especially hormones, pregnancy and fourth trimester health) sleep, anxiety and skin.

Hannah McMenamin

Medical Herbalist

Hannah McMenamin is a medical herbalist, naturopath and nutritionist with a passion for creating innovative, delicious and sustainable wellness products. Hannah has 12 years experience specialising in a range of manufacturing and formulating techniques, including botanical beverages, herbal extracts, herbal sleep and calm drops and functional powders. Hannah has a hands on approach to her profession and spends her time running her organic herbal tea company Forage + Bloom, manufacturing herbal extracts for skincare ranges, consulting for product formulation and project management, and co-teaching distillation workshops throughout New Zealand. Hannah works closely with her clients to bring innovative concepts to market, ensuring the highest quality in production, taste and therapeutics.