Win the Ultimate Movement Bundle

Win the Ultimate Movement Bundle


Provide your body and muscles the nourishment they need to recover and repair, and be in to win! Simply purchase any product from our Movement Essentials range to go in the draw to win the Ultimate Movement Bundle to keep your fitness motivation strong, thanks to our friends at Saint Rue 22, Sala, Marlow and the Lotus Wheel. The more products you purchase the more giveaway entries.


What's included


Two Islands
Movement Essentials Range
Continue doing what you love with over $350 worth of our Movement Essentials range including our Pea Protein Powder 500g range, Protein Super Blend, Move Me and Unflavoured Marine Collagen Beauty Powder.

Saint Rue 22
The Midi Corsica
Inspired by the European seaside, this beautiful handmade bag is made from the sturdiest recycled nylon, she's made for throwing around on any surface and enduring a long hot summer.

Online Membership
Sala is more than just sweating. It was born from their desire to create impactful experiences. With unlimited yoga, pilates, fitness and meditation online, you can get endorphins on demand anytime, anywhere.
$300 Activewear Voucher
Marlow athleisure wear is simple, sleek and practical, to be worn and cherished all year round. Focusing on creating pieces for the modern day woman, keeping you comfortable and confident.
Lotus Wheel
Wheel 3-Pack
Your trusted partner in relieving back and neck pain, the Lotus Wheel targets the muscles surrounding the spine by applying gentle pressure to stretch and strengthen, enhancing blood flow and reduced soreness.

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