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How to Tend to Your Skin’s Microbiome From the Inside Out

We talk a lot about gut and skin health here at Two Islands because we know that improving and maintaining a happy gut microbiome can lead to happy, healthy skin. But did you know your gut isn’t the only organ with its own microbiome? Your skin has a microbiome too and we’re here to tell you how to tend to it.

The skin microbiome, just like the gut microbiome, is made up of over a billion microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses). The trick to happy, glowing skin is to keep these microbes balanced.

If this system becomes unbalanced, issues such as skin sensitivity, redness, dullness, ageing and loss of hydration will be visibly noticeable. You also might feel generally dissatisfied with the quality of your skin. It might look or feel a little unhealthy or lack a healthy glow.

By nurturing and cultivating a balanced microbiome, these issues can start to be addressed. Two Islands Happy Gut helps cultivate a happy gut microbiome. And now, cultivating a happy skin microbiome just got a little easier too.

Trilogy’s new Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum is leading the way in caring for your skin. This lightweight serum packs a potent punch with innovative clean, natural ingredients that deliver support to the natural microbiome system that lives on our skin, such as:

ProRenew Complex CLR™: This innovative new ingredient from Germany contains cellular components of Lactococcus lactis (a bacteria). It works to improve microbial diversity and richness recovery by up to 90% in just seven days1. This helps to strengthen, defend and aid distressed skin for a balanced and resilient complexion.

KALIBIOME AGE: KALIBIOME AGE helps to increase your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid which plumps skin and diminishes the look of wrinkles. It also helps to stimulate that all-important production of collagen. Additionally, KALIBIOME AGE has been shown to improve the look of redness in just three days2. Pro tip: Use Trilogy’s Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum with Two Islands Super Beauty for a one-two hyaluronic acid boost from the inside out.

Ferment’Active Goji: This fermented version has 3.3x greater concentration of antioxidants than conventional goji extract3.

In addition, this unique serum also utilises white tea which provides another hit of antioxidants and hydration. And, of course, Trilogy’s iconic rosehip seed oil is included for its nourishing and renewing properties.

This lightweight serum with its silky consistency is designed to be layered into any skincare regimen. Quickly and readily absorbed by a variety of skin types, it’s best applied straight after your cleansing routine. It can then be followed with any additional products like serums, oils, or moisturisers, and it’s a great complement to go along with any collagen supplementation. Think of this serum as your essential base layer to achieving radiant and renewed skin.

For a limited time only: Buy a tub of Two Islands Happy Gut and receive a Trilogy Microbiome Complexion Serum FREE, valued at $59.99RRP. It’s a win-win for your skin! Tend to your gut microbiome with Two Islands and your skin microbiome with Trilogy. Your body will thank you for it.

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1 ProRenew Complex CLR™: Based on ingredient manufacturer’s technical assessment.
2 KALIBIOME AGE: Based on ingredient manufacturers test carried out by 15 volunteers applied twice daily.
3 Ferment'Active Goji: Based on ingredient manufacturer’s analysis.

Individual results may vary.