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How to Take Collagen Powder – 5 Ways to Take Collagen Powder Supplements

Collagen powder has quickly established itself as one of the most popular beauty supplements on the market and there is good reason for that.

Taking a high-quality collagen supplement is an easy way to provide your body with collagen peptides that can be used to improve skin texture and appearance.

Collagen powder has many benefits and taking a supplement can be beneficial to everyone. As well as helping to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, collagen is also great for your joints and is really beneficial postpartum – a time that is particularly hard on your body.

There are many different ways you can take collagen supplements – tablets, liquids and powders are all popular ways to boost your collagen intake. Collagen powder, however, is widely regarded as the best way to consume collagen as a supplement.

When collagen is hydrolysed into a powder, it packs a bigger punch than a pill. Hydrolysed collagen contains broken-down collagen molecules, which means it's more easily digested overall and better tolerated than some other protein powders as well as collagen in pill format.

What is collagen?

Collagen makes up about 75-80% of our skin’s structure, providing a sort of scaffolding support to keep our skin plump, firm and hydrated. As we age, our body’s ability to naturally produce collagen declines. From around our mid-twenties, production drops by around 1% per year, with a 30-50% total loss in women by post-menopause.

Other factors like smoking, stress, overexposure to sunlight and a poor diet can also cause a decrease in the amount of collagen our body produces. Consequently, a decrease in collagen leads to wrinkles, dry and sagging skin, thin hair, brittle nails, and can result in joint problems due to weakened cartilage.

You can read more about collagen, including its benefits, different types and some frequently asked questions in our Why Collagen? post

Types of collagen

Marine collagen in particular is highly bioavailable, meaning that it is extremely well absorbed in the body. Because of its small particle size, it is 1.5x more efficiently absorbed by the body compared to bovine or porcine-derived collagen.

There are at least 16 types of collagen found in the body, however, 80-90% of the collagen in the body consists of three types – Types I, II and III. Let’s take a close look at each of those collagen types and their roles in your body:

Type I - This type accounts for the majority of your body’s collagen and is made of densely packed fibres. It provides structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue and teeth.

Type II - This type is made of more loosely packed fibres and is found in elastic cartilage, which cushions your joints.

Type III - This type supports the structure of muscles, organs and arteries.

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How should I take a collagen supplement?

If you follow some of the leading influencers on Instagram, it would seem like you have to mix your collagen powder supplement into exotic recipes or you’re somehow doing it wrong.

Whether it’s the latest keto shake or maybe a fancy chia pudding, it seems like collagen needs to be added to the latest faddy food in order to be effective, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The bottom line is that collagen powder can be mixed into pretty much anything. Your morning porridge, a glass of orange juice, your daily coffee fix – these are all perfect for adding collagen powder so choose an option that works for you.

The beauty of collagen powder is that it is so versatile. You can bake with it, cook it, dissolve it or even mix it into ice lollies. As long as you take a supplement daily, it’s up to you how you want to take your collagen supplement.

5 ideas for ways to take your collagen powder supplement


Coffee is one of the most popular ways to take a collagen powder supplement, especially if you are using an unflavoured collagen powder. Collagen powder dissolves really well in hot drinks making coffee the perfect vehicle – you won’t even notice you have anything other than coffee in your cup!

Some of our customers have also reported that our Vanilla Marine Collagen Beauty Powder works really well in their coffee – give it a go!

What our customers say:

“It does all that you expect. Strong nails, clear skin, healthy hair. The unflavoured collagen goes perfectly in coffee and smoothies. Glad I made the choice to buy it.” – Gina T, New Zealand


Whether you simply enjoy a smoothie in the morning for breakfast or you shake up a protein smoothie following a workout, a smoothie is another great option for adding collagen powder.

Adding collagen powder to your pea protein shake after a hard workout might be the best gift you can give your body for recovery. That’s right, add two different scoops of two different protein sources to your post-workout shake! Just throw in a scoop and shake away.

What our customers say:

"It's great with smoothies! Noticed my skin looks healthier.” – Queenie U, Philippines


Porridge is another great vehicle for your daily collagen powder fix. Like coffee, collagen powder is great in hot porridge as it dissolves quickly and is heat stable. You can choose to go Unflavoured and you will not even notice you have anything other than oaty goodness in your bowl or you could mix things up a bit and give our Vanilla Marine Collagen Beauty Powder a whirl. Yum.

We have recently added Pineapple & Coconut flavour to our collagen range and we already have some excitement about mixing this one into morning porridge.

What our customers say:

“I love to mix the vanilla collagen in my porridge during the week and can't wait to use the coconut this time.

“I loved the sample I got in my previous order and hope the full size package will be just as good :)” – Anni, Australia


We’re spotting a bit of a theme here! It seems our Two Islands customers love to dissolve their collagen powder into hot food and drinks which makes absolute sense – it’s definitely the easiest way to dissolve your collagen powder and get your daily dose without noticing any difference to your usual routine.

Since tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world, it’s a super easy and reliable way to take your daily collagen powder supplement.

What our customers say:

“Love it! Have it in my cup of tea every evening. It dissolves easily and has no flavour. I even give it to my dog every evening in his food. Vet said it wouldn't hurt to try it after he had ligament surgery last year. :-)” – Tracy T, New Zealand


This is a bit of a surprise to many people, however, collagen powder dissolves really well into water (cold or warm). We would definitely recommend using a flavoured collagen powder if you are going to go with straight up water as it can be a bit flavourless if not.

The good news for you is that we have some amazing flavours that work perfectly with water. Our new Lemon & Lime flavour is perfect for mixing with still or sparkling water, or for something a little more tropical try our Mango or Pineapple & Coconut flavour.

What our customers say:

“This flavour (pineapple and coconut) is delicious. The powder dissolves easily in water. I love it 👌” – Steph B, New Zealand

If you are looking for other inspirational ideas when it comes to taking your daily serve of collagen powder, here are some alternatives:

  • Milk
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Baking (muffins, brownies, pancakes, bread)
  • Orange Juice
  • Cooked eggs
  • Yoghurt
  • Soup

Diversify the way you take your collagen powder supplement

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas of all the different ways you can take your collagen powder supplement. If you have never taken collagen before, then maybe this might encourage you to take your first steps and give it a try.

At Two Islands, we have a range of flavours to choose from and we also have a handy Collagen Sample Pack which is great if you are still unsure about what flavour is right for you. Our Mixed Flavour Sachet Box is also proving to be extremely popular and can really help to mix up the way you take your daily collagen powder supplement.